As well as the Bring & Buy, Trader Stalls and other private stalls, we endeavour to make your day worthwhile by hosting as many side events as possible!

We’ll be adding more as we go along, so be sure to keep an eye out for additional ones!

If you wish to participate in a side-event, you will need to book directly with the organiser via their link or contact details below and not the Geek & Buy Organisers. In the case that an Event or Tournament has a sign-up or entry cost, that too would need to be paid directly to the organiser of the side-event.Any sign-up costs are additional to the £2 entry to the actual Fayre (tickets payable online by Paypal or on the desk on arrival).



Marquee Models will be running a Shadespire Tournament at Geek & Buy 2019

Places are limited, so reserve your place now to avoid disappointment.

Tournament entry is £10, which needs to be prebooked directly with Marquee Models, by email on or by phone on 01279 423334.

The tournament will commence shortly after doors open at 10.00 and is expected to last until event end at 16.00.



Hosted by Geek & Buy Staff as part of the event, we’re happy to be able to offer a free to enter Magic: The Gathering draft. The format is Modern, so could include cards from any set from 8th edition onwards. The draft theme format is PEASANT, so the draft packs will each contain only Commons, Uncommons and non-basic Common/Uncommon Land. It is designed as a fun entry-level format for the day. Whatever cards you pick while drafting are yours to keep after the event!

MARQUEE MODELS has kindly offered a selection of MTG promotional foils as prize support for entrants.

Entry to the draft is FREE, though to guarantee your place we recommend booking in advance. Contact Geek & Buy directly at to book your place. You can additionally fill in the SIGN-UP-FORM, and email it to us to prebook your space, or simply bring one along on the day (we’ll have extra printed if you just wish to turn up). Basic land will be provided if needed, unless you prefer to bring and use your own. We request you provide your own life counters and tokens however.

The draft will cater for up to 16 players, schedule as follows:

11.00 All entrants need to check in or be registered at the G&B Control desk by this time.
11.30 Draft begins. 3 draft packs allocated per entrant. You have up to 30 minutes to complete three whole draft rounds.
12.00 Deck Construction. You have 30 minutes to construct a deck of at least 40 cards. Land is unlimited. Any unused cards serve as your sideboard between games.
12.30 Best of three swiss-drawn matches announced and begin. There will be three rounds of matches, each best of three having up to 45 minutes allocated.
3.45 Tournament ends. Rankings announced and prizes awarded.

While we are exploring with with MARQUEE MODELS if this format can be classified as a DCI Sanctioned Event, at present the Peasant Draft is a worry-free casual event for fun with other like-minded MTG players.

All other match usual rulings and game etiquette will apply, though that will be covered again in brief on the day with a handout, along with how to actually draft. A simple guide can be watched here: