Charity Table

In addition to everything we have offer to make a great community event, we want to do more this year to support a good cause. Near the entrance, we’ll be hosting a charity table, in aid of Cancer Research UK – a cause very close to many of our hearts. We’ve set a modest goal of £50 to reach this time, but would be awesome if we could donate even more.

The table will be set in an open format, for people to leave-donate anything they wish to contribute. Items on the table will be free to take in return for a suggested charitable donation. There will be a donation box on the table to collect these funds.

The final donation will be tallied and reported on the Geek & Buy website. Any leftover items unsold on the charity table will be donated to an appropriate charity shop.

We would be honoured if guests would consider donating a pre-loved geeky item to the table, or simply making a donation. Thanks in advance for your support to a worthwhile cause.