At the core of our event, and our namesake, is the Bring & Buy. Over several tables, we’ll be able to host all manner of your geeky items that you wish to sell. Entering items into the Bring & Buy is free, though there is a 10% commission deductible on final sale price.

To speed up processing on the day, you can download the interactive PDF form below. This will enable you to (using adobe acrobat) type up your items, and prices, along with matching price tag – and then print and stick (using magic tape) to your items.

An editable PDF item submission form can be downloaded directly from >>>here<<< or below (both via dropbox).
The form should be fully interactive. Depending on your version of Acrobat or Reader, it should hopefully auto fill duplicate information later in the form (ie typed details autofilling identical boxes). If not, then please do ensure your ID reference is properly reflected on the Header, the item list and on the item tickets.

 Bring & Buy Checklist and Notes

– Ensure your item is presentable so the buyers can see what it is.

– Ensure the price ticket is securely taped to a visible area on the top/front of the item

– Consider carefully your selling price. The Geek Crew will be unable to barter for you. Your listed price is effectively the “Buy it Now price”

– If you are selling multiple miniatures or loose parts, ensure they are packaged so they are not only visible to the buyer but also will reduce the chances of them being damaged.

– A set, game or book is entered in the Bring & Buy on the understanding that it should be complete. If it is damaged or there are missing pieces, please can a secondary note be added with the ticket explaining the fault.

– You can submit items from doors open at 10. Bear in mind except in exceptional circumstances payouts will not commence until 2pm.


Bring & Buy Registration. Terms and Conditions and entry instructions.

The Bring & Buy will open its doors to the public at 10am. As you can appreciate, the table will grow throughout the morning so initially will be a lot of work to fill the table with submitted stuff for sale.

To speed up Bring & Buy check-in on the day, an interactive Geek & Buy form can be edited in Adobe Reader and printed out at home (available in the link above). All other items submitted on the day will have to be hand written by you on a fresh sheet including every item ticket.

We encourage you to download and use the Fast-Track option to prefill your entry sheet. It will save us (and more importantly you) lots of time on the day! More details on how to complete the bring and buy form can be found near the bottom of this page!

Please hand your form and all items to the counter, do not place your items for sale directly to the tables. Upon end of day funds and unsold item collection, a 10% commission fee on the total value of the listed items sold at the Bring and Buy, rounded up to the nearest 10p will be deducted from the total sale amount returned to you.

All of this revenue gained along with the entry will be funding the event. The nature of being a non-profit organisation means all excess revenue gets re-invested. What this will mean is next year can be bigger and better!

Goods will not be accepted for entry unless the sheet is signed and all items listed have sufficient information on the form. By signing you agree to all of the Terms & Conditions listed here for proper submission.

The interactive PDF sheets allow you type an alphanumeric ID reference top left which needs to be unique to that item sheet. Please make this as distinctive as possible. This number if using the interactive form will also need to appear on each item ticket which should be securely taped onto your item for sale (for items without outer packaging a semi-permanent tape  – ie scotch tape, may be advisable). The rest of the form consists of an item list for the stallholder and an ID stub which you will keep which must contain the same ID reference as proof of ownership. **WITHOUT PRODUCTION OF (AND CORRECT DETAIL ON) THIS STUB THERE WILL BE NO RECLAIM OF YOUR UNSOLD ITEMS OR MONEY!** Our Geek Crew will do our best to check your submission but the responsibility is on the person submitting to ensure details are correct.

No VCR Cassettes, DVD or other digital media on the public bring and buy tables please. Magazines and comics, if suitably packaged/bundled and appropriate to the event will be accepted at our discretion. Additionally there may be children present at the event, please do not enter items of a sensitive or explicit nature.

Please ensure items to be sold as a lot are securely fastened together. Please also ensure items with multiple parts are properly secured.

Payouts for Items will begin at 2pm via the same check-in desk used to enter your items earlier. Sellers who request their payout must also withdraw all of their remaining unsold items they have on the stall at that time. Any unclaimed items for sale remaining after close of event will be withdrawn and retained safely by Geek & Buy for up to 30 days to await contact from the seller. Unclaimed items will be required to be collected or sent back to the seller at their cost. Without production of the correct stub ID, as above, no reclaim will be possible during the event (but should be possible thereafter with suitable ID). Details on how to contact us can be found via the “Contact” tab.

While we will make every effort to ensure the safeguarding of your items, the Geek & Buy Crew and the actual venue cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to Items entered into the Bring & Buy, however caused. All items submitted are at the owners risk. We reserve the right to refuse any items that are improperly packaged, are inappropriate or are not in line with the spirit / theme of the event, are faulty or would take up a disproportionate amount of table area. We may still accept large, fragile or bulky items, but they will likely be on display on an area behind the stand and not on the stand itself. Ensuring all items are properly priced and labeled is the responsibility of the owner.