Armies/Collections Secret Auction

We’re trying something new this year. Last year a few people brought entire armies down for the Bring & Buy. There was a bit of interest and some smaller collections were sold, but the format and layout wasn’t ideal to showcase an open case full of miniatures.

We’ll have some space allocated within the Bring & Buy for “auction” format sales. Essentially armies will be entered the same as the Bring & Buy, but will be set aside on separate tables. This will allow cases to be open with the contents viewable by prospective buyers.

Selling format for these will be 2-tier. The seller can still list a straight “Buy It Now” price to their collection, but also with each collection there will be a listed auction number and, in some cases, a reserve price listed. For the event duration, interested parties may list their secret bid for the collection with the Geek Crew at the Bring & Buy Checkout, who will record it. At any time the seller may request to see bids placed on the item, and if they wish, accept the offer and remove the items at any time.

We will still require sale commission on army sales, though as the sale value on collections will be more substantial, we would only deduct a 5% commission on these auctions and only if sold. Please see and download the auction form below for more information.