What is Geek & Buy?

In a nutshell, Geek & Buy is an event containing all manner of games, collectables, models, comics/manga and other geeky items!

The core of Geek & Buy is as its name suggests:- an event-run Bring & Buy, with attendees bringing some of their unwanted pre-loved stuff, hopefully earning a little money by selling it, and looking for a few bargains and enjoying the attractions in the meantime!

There’s so much more than just a Bring & Buy. Enthusiasts with a veritable mountain of geeky goodies to sell can instead have their own stall, indoor car boot style. We are fortunate to have some excellent professional traders on-board with us, bringing an impressive array of games, books and accessories. Last, and certainly not least, we will continue to include as many free-play game tables and game demonstration tables as we can squeeze into the venue!

It is true to say whatever you come down to see, you will not be short of something to do!


Not for profit?

That’s right. Geek & Buy is a Non-Profit organisation. In essence, what that means is the event organisers are doing this out of their love for the hobby! All revenue gained from the event entry, stall plots and Bring & Buy commission is used to cover venue costs and excess revenue used to augment future Geek & Buy events! – more equipment, more event space, more resources!


Aim High

We’re a small event, still very local, but we want it to feel as professional as possible for attendees, from the planning of attractions and events to small details like tablecloths. Using 3d technology we’re obsessively planning and improving the layout leading up to the day to make the event space comfortable and welcoming – a place you’d happy stay at for the day to play some games and make some friends.







Sounds great! Where do I sign up?


If you plan to attend for the day to play a few games and perhaps do a bit of shopping, thats great! – and you need do no more than just turn up! There’s an entry cost of £2 at the door, which helps cover site hire and other costs. You can alternatively pre-book your ticket via our site (http://www.geekandbuy.co.uk/tickets-entry/) paying by Paypal. Your prebook ticket has a QR code that we’ll scan on entry, so you’ll need to bring the E-Ticket email on your smartphone or a simple printout.


All the details for attending as a Club representative, Stallholder or Trader are detailed on the next pages. There are downloadable sign-up sheets for clubs and sellers to book their places.

You’ll should find a “Contact Us” button on every page with a direct mailto to Geek-Zero, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

We’d also be happy to answer any questions via Facebook